About us

Inma Bello y José Ledesma, founders.

We are a family business, Ledesma Global S. L., in love with our beautiful Canarian land and its resources, lovers of what is healthy and natural.At our farm in La Florida, located in El Valle San Lorenzo, under the slopes of the Teide, we take care of our succulent and wild prickly pear cactus’, which follow the bed of the ravine.

We chose to share the goodness that this fruit provides us. Red Prickly pears grow on the islands in a wild and natural way, they are completely organic and eco-friendly. Its nutritional valuesare a lot higher than the majority of fruits and it’s another ingredient to complete our diet. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, prickly pears are a marvellous choice which add benefits to your diet. You can use them for cooking, health, therapeutic or medicinal purposes. Its low cholesterol and saturated fats content make them a suitable aid for people suffering from obesity and other problems.

It has been used since ancient times by the Canarian, American Indians and other cultures as a remedy for many ailments. This cactus plant was traditionally used by native Americans as a natural and healthy sweetener. Brought to the Canary Islands by our ancestors and now rediscovered for you.